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Painting of Lusitania Wreck by Stuart Williamson

Welcome To The Lusitania Project ’17 Website

This website tells the story of how the concept of diving the Lusitania became a reality for a diver from Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland, who was diagnosed with a suspected possible life threatening illness in Sept 2016.

Fortunately the diver, Gerry Brown, got the all clear and went on to become part of an International Team of eight divers from Finland, England & Ireland to carry out numerous projects, beginning in Aug 2017.

August 10th to 01st September this year (2019), sees our third expedition to the Lusitania.

We tell of how we, like Oliver with cap in hand, first made contact with the Lusitania’s owner, Gregg Bemis, . We asked the big question in relation to gaining permission to dive, only to be asked by this remarkable man if we lived close to Annalong in County Down, Northern Ireland.

This question became the starter for a roller coaster ride of epic proportion with the relocation of one of the largest and most significant artefacts recovered from the Lusitania to date: A Lusitania lifeboat davit. This project in itself on land, became as exciting as the project dives, some 307ft, beneath the surface on the Lusitania.

In gaining permission for the relocation of the Lusitania lifeboat davit we had to deal with political parties from both extremes of the political divide and who at that particular time had walked out of Stormont, the seat of Parliament in Northern Ireland and could not agree in a way forward to govern the country. We met and negotiated between these politicians and others from all political parties and finally managed to gain unanimous agreement that The Lusitania Lifeboat Davit should be relocated from Annalong in Northern Ireland to The Kinsale Museum in Kinsale, in County Cork.

We will tell of how the team of eight divers in 2017 grew to team of fourteen in 2018. This year 2019 sees a Team of 32 Divers on our “Project 17” Exploration Dives on what is probably one of the most interesting and most famous diveable shipwrecks on the planet.

To date, some 105 years after its sinking, the Lusitania still carries a shroud of suspense, intrigue and whispers from the depths demanding some serious questions to be answered.

The answers to these questions lie at a depth of 93metres, 11 miles past the Old Head of Kinsale in the murky cold waters of The Atlantic, where the wreck of The Lusitania lies patiently waiting on people with a passionate desire to discover the truth of what actually took place that day in 07th May 1915, costing the lives of 1201 souls.

The wreck of the Lusitania is Ireland’s largest monument and a mass grave that bears tragic witness to the country’s largest maritime disaster. All dives will only be with the owners’ permission and under a licence issued by The Department of Culture & Heritage/

This year Lusitania Project 17 returns with a dive team of thirty two, where our intention is to carry out three unique projects over a sixteen day period between 18th Aug and 1st September.

The Re-location Of The Lusitania Lifeboat Davit

The story of how it all began for this project

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