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Projects Report 2019

Update For Projects Progress 2019

Posted by Project 17 Team

September 1, 2019

Projects 2019 Report: 01.09.19

This year’s expedition to the Lusitania with a team of 24 has now almost come to an end. All of the diving is now complete, with all divers now safely home and the next couple of days sees the completion of the ROV Project, headed by Dr Gerard Dooley & Anthony Weir from The Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems (CRIS) from Limerick University.

Lusitania Project 17 Dive Team 2019

Alex Whitaker, Clare Fitzsimmons, Dave Gratin, Dave Hankin, Dominic Kelly, Frank McDermott, Gerard Dooley, Gerry Brown, Graham Waters, Gregory Marshall, Ian Ford, Jon Corlette, Kari Hyttinen, Karl Van der Auwera, Paddy O Sullivan (Research), Paul Tyrell, Peter McCamley, Rez Soheil, Roger Partridge, Stephen Brothers, Stuart Williamson (Research), Vic Verlinden

There were three projects this year.

  1. Continuation of The Photogrammetry started in Aug 2017 by Kari Hyttinen.
  2. Ecological Study of The Lusitania by Dr Clare Fitzsimmons
  3. 3D Mapping of The Lusitania using an ROV from Limerick University. Designed and built by Dr Ger Dooley, with Anthony Weir assisting.

Little did we visualize that when submitting a request to Gregg Bemis, owner of the Lusitania, in Sept 2016 to dive the wreck of the Lusitania, that something very special would grow out if this.

Special thanks to Gerry Brown, Rez Soheil & Frank McDermott for all their help from “Day One!”